Class 2018 and before

“It’s Better Late than Never”

by Rita Kim (Class 2018)

Coming to Taiwan was a difficult decision, but one I am very happy I made. At first, I was worried that I was too old to go back to school, but coming here has shown me I can do anything I set my mind to. The only obstacle to my success is me.
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“One of the Biggest Decisions of My Life”

by Le Thi Thu (Class 2018)

Enrolling in the GMBA program has elevated my business and interpersonal skills through real world business situations.The challenging environment and diverse student body has led me one step closer in my road to self discovery and improvement.
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“Learning by Doing”

by Tarn Suwarat (Class 2018)

Participating in the GMBA program at National Chiao Tung University has been a very rewarding experience. Our class recently took a trip to Taipei to experience the “Smart Living Shaping the Future” Project Presentation and Competition where we had the chance to work with technology developers to build a business plan for their new products.
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“My GMBA Internship at Bejing”

By Justin Lin (Class 2015)

I, Justin, worked as an intern in the private equity department for Hollyhigh International Capital in Bejing. Established in 1998, Hollyhigh International Capital is an investment bank in mainland China specializing in Mergers and Acquisitions. The private equity department works with stocks and debt in companies that are not publicly traded on a stock exchange. Our investment strategies help buyers to purchase target companies through leveraged buyouts (LBO). A leveraged buyout (LBO) is when a company or single asset (e.g., a real estate property) is purchased with a combination of equity and significant amounts of borrowed money.
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“Opportunity Comes When You Least Expect It”

by Jacob Hanks (Class 2014, Currently Sales/Marketing Manager @ Amaryllo International Inc.)

I had been living in Taiwan for about 6 years before I decided to apply for the GMBA program at National Chao Tung University. I was doing what most foreigners who come to Taiwan to do, which is teach English. I had enjoyed this job for many years, however I knew from the beginning that it was not a career. The money and free time were great perks of teaching English, but there was no challenge.

I shouldn’t say that the actual work wasn’t challenging, because dealing with little kids who don’t speak the same language as you is not as easy as you might think. By challenging, I mean that there was no incentive to work harder or to go above and beyond your duty. It became a mundane task in my life and I didn’t enjoy it anymore.

When I began studying at NCTU I began to get that feeling back again, like when I first came to Taiwan. Once again there was a purpose to the things that I did on a day to day basis and those things were always different with each day as well. I realized that I had become stuck in the mud of teaching in Taiwan. It happens to lots of foreigners who come here, and I don’t blame them, but it wasn’t for me. I loved living in Taiwan, but I knew that my days as a teacher were Jacob Hanks, 2014 Graduate of GMBA.
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“From Africa to Asia”

by Fatoumata Sanyang (Class 2014, Currently Offcie Manager @ Sun Textile (PTY))

Life as an MBA Student; Action learning, along with the culture of empowerment and student initiative, results in a unique and intensive two years for very individual. Every experience can be tailored to your own unique interests and goals.
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“My GMBA Internship at Amaryllo Internatioanl”

By Justin Pryor (Class 2014)

During the Summer of 2013, just after the end of my second semester in the NCTU GMBA program, I received a request for an interview at Amaryllo International. I had the pleasure of starting the internship at the same time as my classmate, Jake Hanks. The internship was only supposed to be for a couple months, but it ended up being much more.
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