Credit program


Subject credit hours lecture title department full time
course content semester
Marketing Management 3 54 Sirirat Lim Associate Professor Management of Technology full time Defining Marketing for the 21st Century
Developing Marketing Strategies and Plans 
Analyzing Consumer Markets/Consumer behavior
Setting Product Strategy & Designing and Managing Services
Managing Personal Communications: Direct and Interactive Marketing, Word of Mouth, and Personal Selling
Data Science and Decision Support 3 54 Chih-Hsuan Wang Professor Industrial Engineering and Management full time to follow a PDCA (plan-do-check-action) loop in data science to solve real problems: defining your problem, selecting appropriate methods, evaluating the performance, and modifying the constructed models.
1. Applying statistical skills to real problems (quality control),
2. Applying clustering skills to real problems (target marketing),
3. Applying classification skills to real problems (bankruptcy prediction),
4. Applying regression skills to real problems (demand forecasting)
5. Applying dimension-reduction skills to real problems (business intelligence)
Introduction to Business Management: Accounting 2 36 James Lin Associate Professor Information Management and Finance full time analyze companies' financial statements and data/decision making/identify transactions, record, and report financial statement 110A
Business Development for Start-ups 3 54 Jin-Su Kang
Kevin Huang
Brian Yang
Professor Institute of Business and Management
Management of Technology
full time
full time
business planning process
to define, develop, and promote innovative initiatives
Introduction to Business Management: Economics 2 36 Jin-Li Hu Professor Institute of Business and Management full time Learn how to use economics to think critically about real world issues.
Apply economic analysis tools for the areas of marketing, financial and managerial accounting, corporate finance, and applied operations management.
Financial Management and Investment 3 54 劉助
Professor EMBA
Information Management and Finance
full time
Financial Management
Applied Econometrics/Financial Risk Management/Investment