Graduation Procedure

Class of 2025 and onwards:

Class of 2024:
GMBA Thesis Schedule

Please carefully read the document "Graduation Procedure" to ensure a comprehensive understanding.
-Class of 2024
-Class of 2025

Thesis Format

Before an oral defense exam
GMBA Thesis advisor (指導教授申請單)
GMBA Thesis proposal approval form (論文計劃書同意表)
Request for the Oral Defense (指導教授同意口試單)
Thesis info (submit by email at least two weeks before the oral defense date)
TURNITIN Result (through E3)

Forms Required on the Day of the Oral Examination (I for each, II & III for all)

  1. For each committee members: GMBA Grading Sheet (口試評分表)AACSB AOL Sheet (碩論文口試評核表)
  2. NYCU Thesis Defense Grading Sheet (學位考試成績資料表)
  3. Thesis Approval Form (論文審定同意書)

After passing an oral defense exam and complete the revisions,
1. email a signed Thesis Format Form to the GMBA Office to get the director's signature.
2. upload "Statement of Academic Ethics and Originality Comparison" and "Thesis Format Form"   to the E-Thesis system.

Reference: Reminders for writing National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) Thesis Template

Application Form for Termination of Thesis Guidance and Changing an Advisor
*If a graduate student intends to change his/her thesis advisor during his/her studies, he/she should apply in writing to the Program 4 months before graduation and such change of advisor will become effective after notifying the former thesis advisor; also, the consent of the former thesis advisor is not required. When a graduate student applies for the replacement of a thesis advisor in accordance with the Guidelines, the graduate student may not have the original ideas or concepts provided by the former thesis advisor and the research results obtained under the guidance of the former thesis advisor used for the dissertation without the consent of the former thesis advisor. If an advisor wants to terminate the mentorship relationship, he or she should submit an application form to the GMBA program, and the program committee will notify the students after review and approval.