Students need to complete the following graduation requirements:

Credit total: minimum 47 credit hours

  • Required Courses: 32 credits
    • Fundamental courses: 17 credits
    • Core courses: 13 credits
    • MBA thesis: 2 credits
  • Electives: 15 credits(*specialization certificate)

Non-Credit Requirements

  • Internship Certificate (details are found in the Student Handbook)
  • Master Thesis
  • Chinese Requirement for international students (non-Taiwanese and non-Chinese natives)

Course Details


  • Introduction to Business Management: Accounting
  • Introduction to Business Management: Statistics
  • Introduction to Business Management: Economics

Fundamental courses

  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management and Investment
  • Information Management
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Global Business Management
  • Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Core courses

  • Data Science and Decision Support
  • Global IP Management and Business Laws
  • Business Development for Start-ups
  • Entrepreneurship and Global Business Competition


  • There are many courses available in the College of Management as well as outside the College of Management (maximum 6 credit hours from other departments may count toward degree requirements)
  • Interdepartmental electives include:
    • Semiconductor Manufacturing Management
    • Business Strategies and Performance Management
    • Seminar on Patent Law and Practice
    • System-on-chip (SoC) Marketing
    • Strategy Management
    • Creativity and Innovation Management
    • Entrepreneurship and New Product Development
    • Logistics Operation Planning Models
    • Revenue Management
    • Research Methodology

*A Global MBA (GMBA) director’s certificate will be awarded in the field of "Entrenpeneurship" by application before graduation. If students take three elective courses (9 credits, graduate level) and their application is approved by the Global MBA committee, students can get at most one certificate in addtion to the entrepreneurship one.

The available fields are: Strategy/ Human Resource Management/ Marketing/ Finance/ Supply Chain & Logistics Management/ Technology Management/ IP Management/ Data Science

Recommended courses for each specialization:

**For the fields of “Strategy,” “Marketing,” and “Data Science,” if the new course has a related name, such as “Marketing,” “Strategic,” “Big Data,”…etc, students should submit a syllabus of the course. The GMBA director will then make the final decision after reviewing the syllabus.

Application period: twice a semester
• Spring semester (1st week of a semester and 2nd week of May)
• Fall semester (1st week of a semester and 2nd week of December)

Forms to Download

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