Lily Hsu, Taiwan

Before GMBA: Sales Manager in a Management Consulting Firm

With a background in business management, I found myself hitting a ceiling at my previous company before the age of 30 with no further opportunities for advancement. Faced with a strong sense of limitation and the physical and mental toll of prolonged overwork, I am seeking to return to school for further education. This not only offers a chance for a complete mindset shift but also prepares me for a career track transition.

Contemplating the financial responsibilities associated with resuming my academic journey and weighing the cost-effectiveness of pursuing an MBA abroad, I concluded that enrolling in a prestigious domestic program offers a compelling return on investment. The campus, primarily shaped by STEM disciplines, stands in stark contrast to my previous academic background, promising a distinctive and enriching life experience. The collaboration with ITI (International Trade Institute) served as an additional draw. Looking back, the enrichment I gained from the National Yang-Ming Chiao Tung University campus and the GMBA curriculum far surpassed my initial expectations and imagination.

Best Moment in The NYCU GMBA
Throughout my academic journey, the moments that stand out the most are the collaborative team projects with classmates from diverse nationalities, engaging discussions, and organizing events. Furthermore, interacting with friends from various professional backgrounds provided an enriching exchange of ideas, unveiling new possibilities in a different world. The instructors, with their diverse backgrounds and dedicated teaching, also contributed to the wonderful tapestry of memories during my time on campus.

The campus abounds with various resources, including captivating music concerts, a well-stocked library, inspiring talks from distinguished alumni, a spacious and uncrowded swimming pool, and the beauty of the campus transforming with each season. Accompanied by our laughter and joy, these elements have become an integral part of cherished memories of campus life.

After graduation, through fortuitous encounters, I had more interactions with senior alumni. I deeply felt how fortunate I am to be part of a school that has nurtured the largest number of founders and senior executives of publicly-listed companies in Taiwan. Continuously being cared for and guided by these benevolent alumni, I hope to become a capable individual who can also contribute positively and pass on these goodwill gestures in the future.


Andy Huang, Taiwan

Before GMBA: After completing military service, I have been engaged in various industries, including information technology and finance. Finally, I served as a District Manager in a supermarket system, responsible for the daily operation and management of stores in the area.

I am particularly drawn to this program that is conducted entirely in English. Following the completion of my military service, my initial intention was to pursue studies abroad, having successfully cleared the TOEFL exam. Regrettably, unforeseen circumstances led to a postponement of those plans, and I subsequently transitioned directly into the workforce.

But during the 8 years of working, the lingering regret of not continuing my education haunted me. It was not until the emergence of GMBA that I really made up my mind and started working hard to prepare. After confirming the admission, I immediately decided to quit the job and devote myself to being a full-time student.

In the two-year program, in addition to traditional MBA courses, GMBA emphasizes students' creativity and critical thinking. Through numerous case studies and entrepreneurship courses, both local and international students are encouraged to engage in continuous discussions within their groups. This collaborative approach often sparks impressive ideas, providing impactful insights for everyone and proving beneficial for future professional endeavors. The overseas internship during the first-year summer break further solidified my determination to work abroad after graduation.

Best Moment in The NYCU GMBA
In charge of organizing "Knowing the World," with the concerted efforts of the whole class, we led high school students to experience the cultures and lives of international students in their hometowns around the world without going abroad. This community service initiative was designed by GMBA to contribute to the society. During my studies, I also served as a teaching assistant for two courses and as an assistant to a professor from another department, learning a lot from these experiences. The process of writing my thesis further enlightened me to the dedication, rigor, and responsibility of my advisor, Professor Anthony Han.


Vera Hsu, Taiwan

Before GMBA: Majored in mathematical Sciences, worked as an IT contact specialist at Kaohsiung city government.

Current: Section head of Department of Retail Services, Easycard Corporation

After graduating from university in 2008, I was still exploring my career path and there was a very serious financial crisis that year. I chose a relatively stable job, serving as an IT specialist at Kaohsiung Government. While working in the public sector, I participated in the 2009 World Games. I was responsible for coordinating the related network equipment installation at the event site with domestic and foreign IT personnel.

When I worked at Kaohsiung government, I coordinated event arrangements between domestic and foreign IT personnel and had a lot of chances to deal with western professionals. I found myself interested in working at international environment and liaised between different sectors. Therefore, I decided to enter MBA to quickly obtain knowledge for business. I did some research for MBA programs in Taiwan. The main reasons I chose NYCU GMBA are, diversity, strongest alumni network, and location. There is no doubt that GMBA at that time has most diverse students and graduates from different countries. The courses are taught in English, and you got chances to express your opinions, share with one another, and of course, presented it in English. I usually hung out with international students even after class. I got better understanding of what westerners think and how they make decisions. It established a good foundation when I worked at international company later on. Located in the heart of Hsinchu Science Park, NYCU GMBA invited alumni from different industry to give speech and share their work experience. Sometimes, alumni provide job opportunities to us through the strongest network. Looking back, I think studying at NYCU MBA is one of my critical decisions in my life!

Best Moment in The NYCU GMBA
There are quite a lot of moments that I treasure in NYCU GMBA, but I would say “knowing Taiwan” is the most interesting activity. It was quite fun to take a trip to Nantou with international classmates and have “kuai chao” and Taiwan beer together. We went to a paper factory and made paper umbrellas, visited a temple and bought some traditional snacks. It was really enjoyable to share Taiwanese tradition to people from different countries.


Bella Hsu, Taiwan

Before GMBA: 3-year Account Manager in a multinational group, stationed in China and Indonesia. Mainly responsible for well-known sports brands’ order management and key account relationship management.

Current: KPMG senior manager of management consulting department

Looking back, the reasons why I chose to enroll in the NYCU (former NCTU) GMBA program was mainly because I was working as an account manager in a multinational company at that time. I am eager to further improve my professional knowledge in business management, with the goal of becoming a comprehensive business management executive in the future.

Initially, I wanted to apply for an MBA program in the US. However, after learning about NYCU GMBA program, I found that Taiwan also offers MBA programs taught in English, providing opportunities for students from different backgrounds and industries from all over the world to exchange knowledge and experience - an excellent value proposition! In addition, NYCU is close to the Hsinchu Science Park, and I believe that there will be abundant job opportunities after graduation, so I chose the NYCU GMBA program and the postgraduate program of at the International Trade Institute (TAITRA) in the admission letters of various schools.

From the point of view of my career, participating in the GMBA program of NYCU is one of the most critical decisions in my life.

Best Moment in The NYCU GMBA
The three years of the GMBA program (including the double degree program) are full of precious memories.

I still remember that in the first year, I took full-time courses at ITI during the day and took classes at NYCU at night. This not only made my schedule very tight, but also made me and those friends forge a deep relationship.

In the second year, I seized the opportunity to apply for the exchange program in the Netherlands and experienced a long-awaited study abroad trip, traveling to many European countries.

Back in Taiwan for the third year, the entrepreneurship course became a turning point. Together with my startup competition team, we embarked on the journey from ideation, visiting technical teams at other institutions, to developing product strategy, marketing plan, operational blueprint, and financial analysis. We traveled all the way to Thailand to participate in a series of entrepreneurial competitions. Our team not only entered the finals, but also got the attention of angel investors. I then passed my exams and headed to New York to do a dual master's degree at Fordham University while doing a master's degree in global finance.

These beautiful moments and experiences have become indispensable nourishment for shaping who I am today.


Mavis Tai, Taiwan

Before GMBA: 3 years’ experience in Food and Beverage services industry

After years of working experience in managing a store in Food and Beverage service industry, I started to feel my passion about business administration and human resources management since I was in charge of recruitment as well as training and development. Accordingly, I decided to pursue a master’s degree, and GMBA combines the best elements: top university in Taiwan, a full-English environment, classmates having diverse experience from different cultures, and a well-organized course map.

Best Moment in The NYCU GMBA
To me, there were many remarkable moments with adorable classmates in GMBA, such as the crazy Christmas party we held, the discussion we had for presentations, the struggle when we tried hard to find internships and apply for exchange students, the trips we went together to discover the beauty of Taiwan, …etc. I was always impressed by creative ideas or learned a lot from everyone, which create pieces of incredible memories in my life at GMBA. It is my pleasure to meet all professors and classmates, and I will always be proud to be a part of GMBA.


Ya Hsun Kang, Taiwan

Before GMBA: 5 years working experience as sales representative of electronic industry
Current: Order and Logistics mgm manager in Daimler Trucks Asia Taiwan

The initial idea to choose go back to school life was simply to take a break from the work.
The official reason is it gave me a chance to integrate the experience I had from work with the knowledge received from GMBA.

Best Moment in The NYCU GMBA
To be quite frank, at the time I did not know what I should expect.
Then when in the middle of the program, we joined the mai Bangkok Business Competition @Sasin, long story short, achieved International finalist among 48 teams worldwide.
Our team won, exceeding everyone’s expectations, many people were smarter, had better ideas, able to allocate with more resources. But no one carrying with strong will like our team did. And that’s why I recommend this program- it gives you a chance to build a positive and integrative learning experience, such an experience and vibes will later benefits your life. So please give yourself a chance, try new things, step out of comfort zone, write your own history and challenge yourself!


Brian Huang, Taiwan

Before GMBA: 5 years work experience in IPhone production management

I had been a student from literature field, I thought I was not relevant to business. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in 2019, it was also the time when I was thinking how to make a breakthrough in my career. Unlike other academic programs, GMBA applicants are required to have work experience to apply, and more than half of the classmates come from different countries around the world. With borders closed in various countries, and everyone is unable to travel, how could I possibly meet people from different fields and countries at the same time? Pursuing the GMBA master degree was like fulfilling three wishes at once for me. I could explore new domains, communicate with people from different countries, and make friends with diverse expertise.

Best Moment in The NYCU GMBA
Participating in the Sasin Business Challenge is definitely the best moment during the two years in the GMBA program. Every boot camp was definitely not easy, and the presentation needed revision over and over again. Through each practice and professional guidance from different professors, we overcame the nervousness and challenges of the competition. After seeing my name and the national flag appearing in international competitions, I feel everything is worth it. Although the two years of study was over, the hard work, the heart beating competition experience, and the friends I have met in the past two years have fulfilled my dream that I made before entering the campus. “Team with experts, surrounded by masters.” Whenever I think about it, I always smile from the heart.


Jane Ho, Taiwan

Before GMBA: 2 years secretary experience in Tsing Hua University

It's a life-time changing decision to pursue my master degree in GMBA. My choosing of Hsinchu as hub for the semiconductor industry has been a pivotal moment in my life. Utilizing the resources offered by NYCU university can indeed open up many opportunities for personal and professional growth.

If you seek an opportunity to work in semiconductor industry, best of luck with your master's degree and your journey in this GMBA program!

Best Moment in The NYCU GMBA
Receiving the ASML Sales specialist offer letter must have been a culmination of professional course and dedication throughout my studies. This is a significant accomplishment, and a stepping stone of a rewarding and fulfilling professional journey. Thanks for my advisor Prof. Tsai-Fang Chen and our GMBA director Prof. Jin-Su!


Yu-Chao Chang, Taiwan

Before GMBA: Military service, 4.5 years experience as a software engineer and software development manager

After working as a software engineer for several years, Yu-Chao wanted to reach into the external market and further develop the skills needed for doing client facing activities. Also, the joint GMBA program between National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) (former NCTU) and the International Trade Institute (ITI) appealed to Yu-Chao as it provided two valuable perspectives: both academic education in the traditional college setting and practical experience from ITI. Furthermore, the GMBA program’s extensive and diverse alumni network was another valuable asset that led Yu-Chao to join the program.

Best Moment in The NYCU GMBA
Yu-Chao’s best moments were found in the strong connections developed during the GMBA program. By taking joint NYCU-ITI courses, there were students from unique backgrounds with different perspectives, which all contributed positively to the classroom learning experience and the social dynamic. After graduation, the extensive network among classmates proved to be even more useful; in almost every country Yu-Chao visited, there was an old classmate he could recount memories with.

Anthea Liu, Taiwan

Before GMBA: 4-year auditing experience in Taipei, Taiwan. During GMBA, 2-month internship in logistics & supply chain industry in Jakarta, Indonesia

I always expected to become a global business manager.
I chose to work in big 4 accounting firms after graduating from university because they had good resources and networking. I had the opportunity to work with people from different countries and went on business trips to different countries. However, after four-year intensive work in financial perspective, I found out that I need to get more knowledge about the global situation and to gain international exposure. So, I registered in the GMBA program at NYCU (former NCTU) and a postgraduate program at the International Trade Institute (TAITRA) in 2012.
Thanks to the Global MBA program, I had my internship in South-east Asia and successfully work abroad as I planned after graduation.

Best Moment in The NYCU GMBA
I really miss all the moments we shared together in GMBA. The "Knowing Taiwan" event was the first event for all of us to hang out together as friends instead of classmates. However, the "Knowing the World" event that we held for community service was the first event for us to deal with cultural difference and work together as a team. I must say we did have conflicts and arguments sometimes, but it was always a good opportunity to know your friends and your future business partners. In short, there are so many precious memories in my two-year MBA life, and I do think that joining the Global MBA program was one of the best decisions that I've ever made.

Daniel Ziak, Slovakia

Before GMBA: 2 years in government agency as financial manager and few months in Deutsche Telecom as process expert.

I came to Taiwan because I got scholarship. And I came to Hsinchu's NYCU (former NCTU) because it was far the best of 3 universities I had applied for. Regarding why MBA.. already while I was studying my first master (finance) I felt that I'd like to study something more people (managerial) oriented. And also I felt that having MBA is very good brand, which is recognizable and accepted anywhere in the world. Since I plan on working outside of my home country, at least on beginning of my career.

Best Moment in The NYCU GMBA
The "thing" I enjoyed most was international aspect of GMBA. I really love to get to know other cultures. Especially in casual situations outside of regular time during lectures. For example, dinners out, barbecues, and especially few trips we have made like "knowing the Taiwan".It was always a precious moment for me when I got in chat with someone coming from very different background. That was really enjoyable way of learning about people around the world. Especially form the people I felt that we have much in common.

YingChi Chou, Taiwan

Before GMBA: I was working at a manufacturing company of HDD industry. The company is a HDD component supplier for WD and HGST and also do other OEM products. I had been in this company for 8 years, started from NPI engineer to supervisor, main task is to introduce product to mass production, and coordinate internal departments.

During past 8 years serving in current company, I get a lot of chances to take business trip to several countries and contact various colleagues and customers from China, Thailand, Malaysia, USA and other Asia countries. Being an engineer who is desired for upgrade and advance, knowledge and ability of management are requisite to achieve higher and wider goals, not only be limited to do one's self job well, but also can lead a team to accomplish missions. Further, to lead a factory or a company.
It's a good experience to work with others from different countries, so does study, NYCU (former NCTU) GMBA program exactly provides such environment to interact with students from all over the world of various cultural backgrounds. That's also important for becoming a global manager, to know, to understand, to co-work and to cooperate with those from different areas.

Best Moment in The NYCU GMBA
There were lots of activities, such as knowing Taiwan, knowing the world, country visit, and other small activities I all enjoyed a lot. Classmates are also nice, we are just like a big family.
For those classes I also enjoyed a lot though some were struggling. Those lectures in NYCU and got along with foreign classmates also help me when I am exchange student now in Switzerland. I have lots to share and can discuss with classmates from other countries during classes, and due to experience in GMBA lectures, I am not unfamiliar with the classes here and can catch up the courses.

Terry Williams, Canada

Before GMBA: Worked for several years in pharmaceutical finance after getting my start in banking and sales.

I started the program not knowing quite what to expect, and at first found the way courses were taught to be somewhat different than I had remembered when taking my BBA. However, once I learned to adapt a more eastern approach, I realized that I was learning more than I would have back home at a comparable program. My classmates were excited to be there and we spent many hours working not only on projects, but learning how to work together with different management styles imported from our countries of origin. It was a great learning experience and I'm a better manager for having completed an MBA with an international focus.

Best Moment in The NYCU GMBA
Besides singing at KTV, I'd say my favorite moment at NYCU (former NCTU) was working together as a class to put together an 'Knowing the World' event where we hosted high school students for a day of international activities - it was great to see everyone having fun while managing the event as a team.