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GMBA Workshop-Find Your Voice


Greetings to all!
This time, an interesting workshop is going to happen on Dec 20th (Wednesday). We are happy to invite Mr. Junwei Wu #GenwieWu, the lead singer of #甜約翰 and the founder of #尋聲歌唱 to let us understand the emotions of voice through a relaxed and happy lunchtime. We can learn how to master the use of voice, master one-to-many expressions in formal situations, and improve the soft power of presentations.

The contents are:
商業簡報的聲音使用技巧 Voice Usage Techniques for Business Presentations
增加聲音續航力 Enhancing Vocal Endurance
找到自己的聲音 Discovering Your Own Voice
認識音色與情緒 Understanding Tone and Emotion
聲音保養 Voice Maintenance
上台前的暖身 Pre-stage Warm-up

This session is open to all NYCU students!

The seats are limited. Sign up now: FIND YOUR VOICE