“Business Development for Start-ups” The fantastic course from GMBA NYCU

By Rusliyanto, Class of 2023

The spring semester of 2022, my second semester in the NYCU GMBA program, has come to an end. On this occasion, I'll tell you about one of my favorite courses, "Business Development for Start-ups," which has taught me a lot. Ok, let’s start!
“Business Development for Start-ups” The fantastic course from GMBA NYCU

About the course:Business Development for Start-ups

This is one of the special courses offered exclusively through the NYCU GMBA program. Yep, as the name says, we will learn how to plan and develop start-ups in this course. We were introduced to technology providers who usually already have a blueprint for the product plans they will develop. The purpose of this course is to teach students how to create new businesses using the Business Model Canvas and how to assess the feasibility of those businesses. This course taught by 4 (four) Professors namely Professor Jin-Su Kang (Business Strategy), Professor Kuancheng Huang (Supply Chain Management), Professor Brian Yang (Venture Capital), and Professor Kevin Huang (Innovation Management).

Form the team

The “Business Development for Start-ups” is a team-based work method-based course. Each student must organize a group of 4-5 people that includes both Taiwanese and international students. We are more equipped to be able to hear from potential customers at the start of college than to perform promotions that lead to the market of our product. We must also be able to work as part of a team, communicate well with one another, and listen to various points of view during discussions. It’s a great chance to know each other, know-how they work as well as learning from them.

The learning processes

During one semester, all students must give not more than five 5-minute video presentations outlining the development of the business model canvas that has been produced. The entire team must interview a minimum of 10 potential customers when creating the business model canvas. The interview results are then utilized as the foundation for creating a business model canvas. The five video presentations are shown every two weeks for your knowledge.

Additionally, we must complete a 60-second pitch, which is an individual activity. We are obligated to promote any product in the 60-second pitch; the purpose is to pique people's interest in the goods we are promoting. In this task, I have a chance to perform in the first order. nervous, that's for sure! But with intense training, I can perform well.

Furthermore, we must submit and present the results of the entire process of constructing the business model canvas as well as the projected business feasibility at the end of the semester. Is the product worthwhile to produce and market? It’s a hard work, because the COVID-19 pandemic situation in Taiwan has deteriorated since May, every course has been converted to an online format

One of the most challenges courses in GMBA NYCU

As an illustration, I think that, despite the fact that this course's formal curriculum lists 3 credits, the burden is more akin to 9 credits. Putting an idea into text, in my opinion, is a simple task; the difficult part of this course is learning to listen to and accept the ideas of all team members while putting our personal ego aside. It is critical that we act as if we are “half-filled glasses” so that we may not only share ideas, but also accept those of others. Thank you GMBA NYCU for providing a very valuable lesson for me. Looking forward to having continuation of this course!