My job before and after GMBA, how GMBA changed my career?

By Hataipat Ittichaitaworn, Class of 2023

My career trajectory has taken a remarkable turn since I embarked on my journey from a Thai liberal arts graduate to a Global MBA student at NYCU. This transformation wasn't just about acquiring academic qualifications but a new perspective and skill set that reshaped my career.

Before my GMBA journey, I was immersed in the world of overseas sales for a Thai supplement company. While my liberal arts background provided a solid foundation in international studies, I often found myself grappling with the complexities of the business landscape. Connecting with international clients, negotiating deals, and understanding market dynamics were challenging tasks that required cultural sensitivity and a profound understanding of business strategies.

Enrolling in the Global MBA program at NYCU marked a turning point in my career journey. The program's curriculum delved deep into subjects like strategic management, organisational behavior, and supply chain dynamics. This newfound knowledge didn't just equip me with tools to analyze market trends but also helped me understand the internal dynamics of my organisation better. I began to see how decisions at various levels of the company impacted our overseas sales efforts, creating a more holistic view of our operations. The programme's emphasis on real-world projects, case studies, and internships facilitated networking opportunities with industry professionals. These connections bridged the gap between academia and the corporate world, exposing me to the intricate web of business relationships and giving me a glimpse into the diverse career paths that the GMBA could unlock. During my studying at GMBA, I had a great opportunity to intern in Meitu Company which is an image editing software available in google play store and apple store worldwide. I worked as a marketing assistant for marketing team which enhanced my working skills and Chinese language abundantly.

The GMBA journey went beyond enhancing my understanding of my organisation. It provided me with insights into the broader business world. Courses like Marketing Management, Financial Management and Investment, and Business Development for Start-ups have broadened my horizons, enabling me to anticipate shifts in the market, formulate effective marketing strategies, and comprehend the intricacies of financial decisions.

Studying the Global MBA at NYCU was not just about acquiring knowledge; it was about embracing experiences that were both enjoyable and enlightening. The multicultural environment of the program exposed me to a diverse group of peers, each with their unique perspectives. Collaborative projects and team-based assignments allowed me to learn from my colleagues' experiences, fostering an environment of continuous growth and mutual learning.

One of the most profound impacts of the GMBA program was its ability to ignite my entrepreneurial aspirations. I have been able to gain practical strategies that have allowed me to apply business theory to my family's companies. With my father's polymers trading company and my mother's construction enterprise as my canvases, I have had the opportunity to gain valuable insights that are directly applicable to their respective industries. Thanks to the knowledge and skills that I have acquired, I am now able to drive expansion, enhance supply chain efficiency, implement modern technology, and refine business models. By analyzing costs, identifying revenue drivers, and understanding market trends have optimized several processes and maximized profitability. With my newly acquired supply chain expertise, I can support my father to ensure efficient inventory turnover, minimize wastage, and meet market demands with precision.

In conclusion, the Global MBA program at NYCU has been a catalyst for change in my career path. Beyond the academic knowledge it provided, the program revolutionized my perspective on the business world and give me valuable connections. I am confident that my career path has been set on an upward trajectory fueled by knowledge, connections, and the joy of continuous learning.