It's very hard to say goodbye

By Ekaterina, Class of 2022

It's very hard to say goodbye.
It's very hard to say goodbye.

Two years of study at the Global MBA program at the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University have come to an end. I did my oral thesis defense and am about to graduate. It was a truly unforgettable time. It's really hard to imagine that next year I won't be back on campus, going to lectures, gym, cafeterias. During these two years I have grown as a person, a specialist and have found many good people and friends from all over the world. I would like to tell what I remember and liked the most.

I first arrived in Taiwan

I'll start from the very beginning. When I first arrived in Taiwan in 2020, I had very little knowledge about the country and culture in general. I could not imagine how I would live and study. But even before I arrived, the university’s international office, made sure that my stay was as comfortable and safe as possible. We constantly kept in touch during the first time, they helped to solve all the questions and problems that arose.

Friendly classmates and professor

Further, when I came to the first lecture at the university, I did not know anyone, but my classmates and the professor turned out to be very friendly and helped me to join the learning rhythm. All professors on the program are ready to help the student if he does not understand something, everyone is ready to spend their own free time so that the course material is learned. Also, it is very convenient that each professor has fixed hours for visiting the office when each student can come up and ask a question of interest.

Gain much more experience

The materials of each subject are very rich and varied. Most of the subjects include teamwork. Thanks to this, you get to know your classmates better, and also learn how to work in international teams, where each participant has a different background. It has not always been easy, but it is when we overcome difficult moments that we learn and gain much more experience.

Special thanks I would like to say to the office of the Global MBA program. Professor Kang, Vanessa and Michelle are very kind and helpful. Always ready to advise and help.

Goodbye, or see you again?

In general, I am very glad that I got to this university. It was an unforgettable two years. I am grateful to everyone for everything. I would not like to say goodbye, but I will say see you again.