Welcome to OpenLabs and Innovative Creative Technology

By Jacek, Class 2022

National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University is a prestigious research institute, located near to the well-known high-tech Hsinchu Science Park. NYCU has played a critical role in developing Taiwan's successful semiconductor sector and to this day supports research, but also creative use of technology. All students from all departments are welcome to participate in the creative process. Welcome to our campus’ OpenLabs!

What are Innovative Creative Technology and OpenLabs?

Innovative Creative Technology or ICT in short - is an office that allows students to register for use of laboratories on Jiaotong campus. NYCU has a long history and association with the science park therefore on campus there is a plethora of different machinery and lab equipment that could be used by students to further their development, furthermore, even learn some engineering skills.

Why should the GMBA student care?

GMBA students come from different backgrounds but learning new technologies altogether is crucial. Furthermore, this skill is even a crucial part of some courses like the required course of Business Development and the elective course of Production Operations Management. It is well known that some of the students with non-technical backgrounds graduate to become employed in tech companies, even as far as TSMC - maybe not in technical positions but understanding different fields of technology is not only creative activity, but also a practical skill as a bonus.

Let’s unpack the Jiaotong University laboratories!

I would like to introduce different laboratories. It’s where I take part to finish some of my courses’ final projects as well as where I build products to enter our schools’ competitions. There are multiple different labs where you can advance your interest, be sure to check out what is the most interesting to you! For now, I would like to mention a couple of places I visited and personally recommend: Laser cutter and 3D printers. But first!

Let’s enroll to use the lab, shall we?

To join the lab the registration is required to do that, first go to ICT’s website to pick the lab, and enter your information!

Here is a collection of my tags with my Chinese name and phone number included.

Many labs are accessible through links:

It will allow us to reserve the right time. One important piece of information to mention, is that it is required to provide the supervisor - who would be contacted to prove your identity, purpose of use, as well as the reason to enter the lab, but do not worry – anything research-related or for the purpose of studying is permitted. After registration if it is the very first visit to the lab - it should be arranged with the lab’s TA to show how to use equipment properly, often it is required to learn basic instructions of editing software related to those machines, and there is the requirement to create a name card. This is very informative and enables us to understand the basic skills of creation on a selected machine.

Welcome to OpenLabs and Innovative Creative Technology
Here is a collection of my tags with my Chinese name and phone number included.

After completing the training, how can I use the machine?

It is required to hand in the equipment application three working days before to the ICT Facebook fan page, email them or visit their office. Response time during weekdays 9:00-12:00 and 13:30-16:30. After approval, you can contact the TA to make a reservation. For the first time do not come over by yourself. And if you will continue to use equipment in the future, please remember to bring the name tag. After operation approval under the supervision of the TA (3 times or more), TA will grant the independent user access and you are welcome to use it during operating hours.

Welcome to OpenLabs and Innovative Creative Technology

3D printing is a great tool for prototyping. This picture shows my Ergotype keyboard with a prototype case 3dprinted in NYCU OpenLabs PLA Lab.

For more information please visit:
Facebook fanpage https://www.facebook.com/nycuict/
Official website https://ict.nycu.edu.tw/