Internship & GMBA Network

By Tanyapat Swangpattanakul, Class of 2023

During my time as a GMBA student at NYCU, I completed an internship with GDT, a startup based in Taiwan, which was a meaningful experience and turned out to be an important step for my career in Taiwan – a shift from my previous career as an auditor in Thailand to a path where I could explore and establish myself in Taiwan’s business.

Founded by a GMBA alumni, Em, GDT is not just a company, but a testament to the power of education and networking. Em's journey from a GMBA student to a successful entrepreneur exemplifies the incredible potential of the GMBA network. This connection not only bridged the gap between academia and the corporate world but also highlighted the profound camaraderie that the GMBA community fosters.

The company’s workspace was a mix of colleagues from different countries, which added an interesting dimension to the work environment. A delightful aspect of the office was the presence of a friendly dog that brought a cheerful vibe to our days. Moreover, the office had a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. Interactions among colleagues from different backgrounds were common, creating a sense of unity and shared understanding. This internship taught me the value of diverse viewpoints coming together harmoniously, fostering an environment that encourages innovation and a strong sense of camaraderie.

Getting an internship in Taiwan as an international student wasn’t easy, especially with language differences and not knowing the culture well. However, I managed to secure the internship and even turn it into a full-time job later on. It is important to acknowledge that although I obtained the internship through my own efforts and qualifications, the invaluable backing of the GMBA network cannot be overlooked. Notably, when the founder of my internship company happens to be an alumnus of the same program at NYCU, it underscores the strength of our GMBA network. I received much good and helpful advice from the alumni, who is also the company’s founder, during my internship, as we shared the GMBA experience at NYCU. This boosted my confidence and made the working environment even more comfortable for me during the internship. Thus, the GMBA network is more than just a professional connection – it’s also a supportive community.